Tyler Gurth

Hi! My name is Tyler Gurth, and I am currently double majoring in Computer Science and History of Art and Architecture at Brown University. I'm a Meta TA in the CS department, so I'm often found making chaos in Google Calendar (or playing dodgeball). I also Head TA for introductory computer science classes here (ask me about proofs or all things digital!).
I am versed in Python, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, Javascript, C, C++, and Typescript. Some of my favorite libraries are NumPY, Pandas, JavaFX, Pygame, and The Boston Public. I've also been known to dabble in React.js, MongoDB, and Flutter for my larger app development. At Brown, I'm in the software and visual computing track (hopefully). This coming summer, I'll be working for Duolingo doing software engineering.
My engineering interests lie in game development, software engineering, and UI/UX. My research interests lie in combining computer vision with art history (well, whatever that means). My art interests lie in impressionism and early modern European art (like the Manet piece that is the above banner!).
Feel free to reach out on any of my socials at any time, I am always up to connect! Or, email me!
Want more info? Check out my resume.

Tyler in Amsterdam! Winter 2024.