Below are the various jobs / roles I've had over the past few years!

Software Engineering Intern - Duolingo

Summer 2024

This summer I'll be working in Pittsburgh for Duolingo!

Meta TA (MTA) - Brown CS

2023 - Present

In my role as an MTA, I'm one of a few undergrads who coordinate the entire CS TA program. Leading over 400 TAs each semester, we oversee the training, hiring, and overall logistics of the program.

Head TA (HTA) - Brown CS

2022 - Present

In my role as a Head TA, I help lead individual course staffs at Brown CS. I've worked on courses ranging from 4 TAs to 35! I'm often the staff manager and "logistics person", helping maintain staff development, training, and administrative tasks. That being said, I love education, and will always be found hosting office hours and recitations of my own!

I've worked for the following courses:

Discrete Structures - Spring 2023 and 2024
The Digital World - Fall 2022 (TA) and 2023 (HTA)
Programming Languages - Fall 2024

Tour Guide - Brown Admissions

2021 - Present

I lead Tours around Brown's campus, and act as a representative for the school at greater admissions events. Hope to see you come tour Brown!

Software Engineering Intern - Billmax

Summer 2023

I worked as a software engineer for Billmax, a company that worked with business software for internet companies throughout America. I mostly did mobile iOS and Android development.

Technical Manager - Escape Garden State


I worked as a the Technical Manager for Escape Garden State, a small Escape Room company in New Jersey. In my role I managed Discord, programmed a Discord bot for a formal reporting system, and made a Web App to run escape rooms with!