Below are some of the paid/unpaid projects I've done over the past few years! This is just a snapshot of the work I've done - feel free to reach out for more info!

The Virtual Rosetta (Research)

The Virtual Rosetta was a project I worked on in the summer of 2022. It involved using scientific Python libraries to create visualization methods of a corpus of 4000 woodblock prints from Vietnam. Read more about it here: Research Poster

Technical Details

  • Generated serialized matrices, minimum spanning trees, and force directed graphs using Python science libraries like SciPy, Sci-Kit Learn, and Pandas.
  • Researched effective methods for dimensional reduction data visualization such as T-SNE.
  • Programmed Python web scraping scripts with BeautifulSoup to convert the HTML corpus of data into PNG types and compile datasets.
  • Visualized complex data in actionable graphs using PyPlot, revealing qualitative trends.

Escape Room Web Panel

The Escape Garden State Web Panel was a project I made for my previous employer, an escape room company in New Jersey. The site replaced an old, out-dated subscription site with a customized web app that fit the needs of the company.

Technical Details

  • Utilized Google Firebase as storage, authentication, and database for the project.
  • Programmed custom tools for the app, including scripting time functions and game features with Javascript.
  • Developed utils for statistic tracking, to be used for further adveritsiing and data analysis.
  • Designed, and created with original CSS, a GUI for employees to run the escape rooms.


Scrappy is a React social media web app I made with a team in my software engineering class at Brown. It combines the best aspects of photo sharing apps with social media, forming a sentimental and reflective view into a user's life.

Technical Details

  • Used React TypeScript Framework to build out the components of the site, coupled with React Router to create a navigable state system.
  • Connected with Google Authentication API to compose a login service and security.
  • Developed a MongoDB Java database, and uploaded photos to AWS as storage.
  • Personally programmed an NLP sorting algorithm using English feature vectors to sort posts based on Hashtags.